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Pillar-mounted jib crane
SDK-ZSL, steel rods
Pillar-mounted slewing jib ZSL 2 t load capacity x 4 m outreach as workplace crane for loading two automatic cutting machines.

Single-girder crane
ETK, KBK II, wooden panels
Plywood weighing up to 200 kg is stored on two levels to save space in a DIY store. Transport to and from the plywood saw is carried out safely and with little effort using the KBK single-girder crane. Long and cross travel by hand - thus ensuring gentle positioning of bulky panels.

Double-girder crane
ZTK, KBK II, TV, sheet metal plates
Sheets of metal are often picked up using vacuum load handling attachments. In this case, the plates are picked from a stack and placed on the feed line to laser-cutting machines. This installation also removes the plates after cutting.

Whether with the Steelmaster or with a honeycomb store, for complete cassettes or for retrieving individual items of bar stock, we can supply you with a complete solution for efficient handling in your store.

Demag single-girder suspension cranes with high load capacities, up to 10 t, require no upper safety clearance according to UVV accident prevention regulations, therefore allowing building volume to be saved.

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